Smile is a greeting

Smile is very important for all human beings. There are different types of smile like Happy smile, Sweet smile, Love smile, Proud smile, Confident smile, Cheered up smile, Satisfied smile, Naughty smile, Amused smile, Thoughtful smile, Beautiful smile, Lucky smile Etc. Smile is greeting that invites happiness, positive energy, solves problems, keeps our mind calm and peaceful etc.

Smile is a greeting

Everyone should smile
At least for a little while
Smile is such an art
It goes to one heart
Smile is very precious
Smile is a beautiful gift given by God
Without it life is totally odd.

Different people give different expressions  but smile is the only expression were every one look good on that.

The painting Mono lisa  is a half-length portrait and depicts a seated woman, Lisa del Giocondo, whose facial expression has been frequently described as enigmatic.


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See that your face always wears a smile:

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “You are not completely dressed until your face wears a smile!  Smiling is a greeting, an acknowledgement of your good conduct etc.  It has been said, wear a smile and you have friends, wear a scowl and you have wrinkles. Which would you have?

A smile is infectious. It is mirrored in the face of the one you smile at. Therefore wherever you go, keep on smiling. Be careful to see that your smile always announces sweetness and goodness never portray sarcasm, bitterness or pride.

“Get up in the morning with a smile on your face and the words “Good morning, Lord, on your lips” Those words form the title of the book written by an American businessman. He says he getup with those words on his every morning he has been doing so over a long period and claims that by merely doing so, he has added a new dimension to his life.

The smiles I like

  1. Baby smile – The most beautiful smile in the world is Baby smile, no smile is equal to that.
  2. The Winning smile – Every human will love to have this smile.


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