Peaceful Mind Works In More Creative Way

“Peace of mind produces right values, right values produce right thoughts. Right thoughts produce right actions.” –  Mark Richardson

No one can ever remain without action even for an instant. Work we must. We can either act to the detriment of ourselves and for the disaster of all around us… or we can act for bringing at least a ray of smile on the faces of all others around us in the world.

peaceful mind works in more creative way

To the stupid, a life of least activity and maximum merry-making would see most attractive. This wrong tendency spells ruin, and even total obliteration. Member of community must ever be on their toes to work, to strive, and to achieve… then alone can they reach resounding success, prosperity, and rewarding progress.

When everyone employs his cleverness to publicize his contribution to national endeavor, and to climb maximum…. that community start slipping down the slopes to disaster and this integration.

Work we must

There is no choice. Whether we are the governors or the governed, higher or the lower class… every one of us must work.

Inner Dissipation

One may claim to be morally good, honest etc. But if one is mentally entertaining immortal thoughts, dishonest motives, the dynamism in such an individual sinks low, and soon, he, who might have been a person marked for success, slowly and steadily sinks in to incompetence and failure.

Re-adjusted Mind

The sense organs can only controlled by the mind. The world of objects has no power over us. In fact, it is our own “fancy for things” that reflects from them as their “powers to tempt us”. At a show window the woman’s wear cannot tempt a man, nor will a woman be tempted by a shirt or a tie. Temptation for an object is only our reaction to it.

A man, who has re-educated his values, orders his sense-activities by his re-adjusted mind and comes to live a calm life, and no more tossed about by the fluctuating environments. Such a man must thereafter employ his organs of action to work with dedication for the service of the world around him.

Mental Attachments

We all have attachment to many things in our life: I am attached to my Mother, Wife, Children, Property, work etc.

What is attachment? Attachment is not merely physical like the twins’!! When we say we are attached to our dog, we only mean our mental attachment. Whenever people have a strong feeling of “want” for any being or thing, there is attachment. The intensity of attachment is always directly proportional to the intensity of the demand “I want”. Here there are two factors “I’ the ego, and “want’ the desire to possess and enjoy. Thus ego and egocentric desires together contribute “attachment”.

Therefore, when Krishna says that, a self-controlled man who has controlled his sense-organs through his mind serves the world “unattached”. It means serving the world “without ego and egocentric desires and lusts’.

The ego and egocentric desires in us generate vasanas, and when actions are undertaken without “attachment”… meaning without egocentric desires… the existing vasanas get exhausted and no new vasanas are created. This purgation of vasanas brings peace and calmness in to the bosom. A peaceful mind is more creative and irresistible in the material world of success.

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