How To Overcome the Postponement Behavior

“Why do you hasten to remove anything which hurts your eye, while if something affects your soul you postpone the cure until next year?” – Horace

You can achieve success in anything if you are strong-minded to make the time. But most people live by the ‘after theory’.  It may be laziness, (or) lack of will power, postponement behavior, lack of self-motivation, etc. They have got real plans. they are going to great things… after the kid grow up, after they change jobs after they get a new ca, after they finish school…etc., etc. This ‘after’ never comes but they keep on promising themselves that, someday, they are going to get what they want. Now while opportunity may knock more than once, it seldom sits on the doorstep awaiting our pleasure. And, sooner, or later we experience frustration and discouragement.

How To Overcome the Postponement Behaviour

Do the things you always wanted now, or make plans now. Or program your subconscious now. Not tomorrow! You will never have more time than you have today..

How you spend the next twenty-four hours is what counts. so, first eliminate the postponement behavior right now.

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Get the feeling of adventure. On your next day off, take a take a trip to the park, mountains or nearby seaside resort or to any of your favorites haunts. Even if the journey is short, think of thrill of saying, “I am going away next week”.

The stepping stones are making time . Plan and get going. Don’t wait a moment longer. Once you get the feeling that you are going to make something happen, it will. Feeling is the key to expectancy. Get the feel of the moment; the feeling that this is it; that you are going to break out. Expectancy will set in motion a mighty power within you that will cause your desire to happen. The more excited you become, faster you will get your wish. By maintaining this state of consciousness; you will draw to you the ways and means for bigger and better goals.

Look forward to the future with expectation, and then act enthusiastically. Enthusiasm is a powerful motivating force; the little recognized secret of success . Derivative from two Greek words,  ‘en’ means ‘in’ and ‘theos’ means ‘god’,  enthusiasm means god in you. And it is this god power within you which will enable you to accomplish anything you desire if you realize it through dynamic thinking.

So, overcome the postponement behavior (after attitude) and act forthwith enthusiastically.

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