Life Is All About Your choices

Life is really all about your decisions, and it depends on your decisions. You can’t live your whole life without making any decision. If you think I’m not going to make any choice in my life. Will see where the life is going to take me. Still, man. If that’s what you think. Then you’re likely to make a mistake. Because not making choices in your life Itself a choice you took in your life.

Your one option can change the course of your life. You have to do the best thing in your life, because if you fail to choose the best one, you’ll lose it forever. You have to choose the things that are most important to you in your life. You have to throw away things that are meaningless to you in your life.

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Whatever you are doing, whether you are rich or poor; If you are successful or unsuccessful; whether you are happy or unhappy; whether you are poor or wealthy, simply because of the choices you make in your life.

“The choices we make determine our destiny.” – Quote

Life Is All About Your choices

Story – pregnant deer:

In a remote forest, the pregnant deer is just about to give birth to a child. It sees a distant grass field near a stream, and slowly turns there believing it would also be safe. 

She gets labor pain when she works slowly. At the same time. Dark clouds are gathering around the city, and lightning is starting a forest fire. 

Turn left, she sees a hunter who’s staring at the arrow from a distance.

When she attempts to move to the right, she sees a hungry lion chasing her … 

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What will the pregnant deer do when she is already suffering from labor pain? What you think is going to happen? 

Is the deer going to survive? 

Is that going to give birth to a fawn? 

Was anything going to be destroyed by the forest fire? 

That particular moment, huh? 

Will the deer go to the left? Hunter’s arrow is heading north! Will she go, huh? The hungry male lion is coming! Should she go up there? Fire in the wood! 

Should she move down there? Fierce River, huh? 

Answer: She doesn’t do anything about it. It’s all about giving birth to a new LIFE! 

The sequence of events that occurs in the fraction of a second (moment) is as follows: 

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In a whirlwind of moment and lightning strikes (already cloudy) and blinds the eyes of a Hunter.

Around that moment, he releases the missing arrow and zips past the deer. The arrow reaches and hurts the lion badly at that moment. Right at that moment. It’s starting to rain heavily 

And he’s throwing out the woodland fire. In the next moment, the deer is giving birth to a happy fawn.

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