Know the Potential of Our Brain 


We can discover parallels between our thought process and how computers operate if we pay close attention to how they operate. They can assist us in comprehending how the Law of Attraction, which is based on these ideas, can be viewed as a way for a person to take charge of his or her own frequency. As magical as life itself, it is.

Whatever it is that we aim to attract, it is based on the concept of what unifies all things, so it can be viewed from all angles in relation to everything that was produced as a result. Our minds get information relevant to the frequency we tune in to, just like our computers do.

More than anything, we just need to desire for answers. Something that transcends knowing is instinct. Undoubtedly, we possess certain finer fibers that allow us to recognize truths even when logical deduction or other deliberate brain efforts are fruitless (Nikola Tesla). Ideas sometimes “come to us in an uninterrupted stream,” sometimes “like a burst of lightning,” according to Nikola Tesla, and the challenge is “to hold them fast.”

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We get the ideas and inspiration to make it when we are vibrating at the proper frequency, the frequency of what we want to have, much like Tesla did when he developed all of his inventions. Given that we are spiritual beings who use those means as the means to fulfill our life’s mission, there is no want or dream that can be seen as unreal or unreasonable.

In actuality, having a life purpose is just as significant as completing our karmic journey. Before you attract the Ferrari of your dreams, you will first attract the experience, according to l.e. You’ll be able to reconsider if you actually need the Ferrari after doing that. And if you reject the goal of that experience, you will succeed in getting it.

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If you can’t figure out why you have it once you have, that along with what you dream about can even kill you. Dreams are connected to our spiritual purpose and they help us reach a higher level of self-awareness, from which material goals are only means to an end. The fire of desire, which we shall fuel with greed and selfishness, will consume us if we mix material illusion with spiritual purpose.

In the words of the Buddha, “A wise man, knowing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is true, thereby escaping the pain.” Following happiness, according to L.E., is the same as following the truth, and it is the truth that will re-establish our connection to the frequency of salvation by illuminating the purpose of our life.

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