Importance Of Thoughts For Louder Actions

Are thoughts vital for actions?

Of course, Actions are the louder expressions of thought . The quality of thought is ordered by the nature of our inner ‘belief’ and ‘faith’. Where faith is shaky,

thoughts are vague and action weak and purposeless, indecisive and timid. If our service to the world is to be effective and productive of sure results, then our head and heart, within, must be inspired by our own ‘convictions’

thoughts and action

We have faith, but not firm conviction. We has certainty but not self-resurrecting, adamantine belief. Those dynamic convictions that drive us to spectacular actions and blazing results cannot be had by accident. They are not built in resources in any individual. We have to discover and cultivate them in our self, by our own study and planned self-education.

(Vedanta unfolds this in all its students. Penetrating study into the depths of the Upanisads, understanding of the way of life mapped by our Lord Krishna in His scientific and logical discourses in the gita, do transform the thought pattern in the student and he discovers for himself a new purpose and a clear vision of the goal of his life. He grows first in his faith in himself, and then he discovers certain definite conviction maturing within him.)

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Let us have the sense of justice to check up from time to time the quality, the nature, of our belief. In the light of new data gained, in the presence of new ideas accepted, the old belief may have to be changed in its form or content. At such moments let us have the courage to make the necessary changes to remodel the existing belief.

Keep alert! Let us be conservative. Progressive we must be, as a scientist would, in the light of new data, as a doctor must, when the patient shows new symptoms. Let us always have courage to check within ourselves, to repair, to refine our convictions, our belief and our way of life, until we discover the one, which is at once the way and the goal.

Let us never forget that enroute there is always the opportunity and the graduation of improvements, so let us never allow our conservative attitude and fanaticism to strangulate our progress – we must.


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