Trust – Everything Is In His Hands

Inspiring Story – Trust In God

“The more you trust God, the more He amazes you.” Quote

Trust - Everything Is In His Hands

A guy newly got married and was going back to home with his spouse. The couples have to cross the lake. So, in a boat they were crossing a lake, at that time, suddenly a huge storm ascended. The guy was a combatant, but his wife became very much frightened because it appeared virtually hopeless – The storm was really gigantic were the boat was very small, and at any jiffy they were going to be submerged. But the man was sitting very silent, calm and quiet; no tension was seen on his face he was just sitting as if nothing was happening.

The lady was shuddering and she said, “Are you not scared? This might be our last minute of life! It doesn’t give the impression that we will be capable to touch the other shore. We can be saved only if some wonder can happen, or else death is sure. Are you not frightened? Are you gone mad?”

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The guy giggled loudly and dragged his sword out from its scabbard.  The lady was confused and even more mystified. At that time he taken the bare sword nearby to the lady’s neck – It was too adjacent, very small gap was left between neck and sword; it was nearly touching the lady’s neck. He asked her, “Are you scared now?”

She just laughed loudly and said, “Why should I fear? When the sword is in my husband hand, why should I be scared? I know you love me a lot”.

He put his sword back in to the sheath and said, “Yes, that is what my answer. I know god loves me and sword is in his hands, and the storm is in his hands so whatever is going to occur is going to be good. If we survive, It’s really good; if we don’t survive, even though it’s good because the whole thing is in his hands, and he will never do anything wrong”. Such incredible trust is capable of transforming your whole life !

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