Why you Must Keep Your Aim Alive Forever

Always fix your aim high. A man without aim is like a bird without wings.

Without an aim, you can’t do anything in your life and you can’t achieve anything in your life.  That’s is what Les Brown said, “Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”

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It is simply your high aim which guides you to get in the highest position in your life. It guides you to your success. It leads to your best destiny. If you don’t have any high ambition, you will never see the signs of life and you will see only the shade of life. Without a high ambition, you will never rise up whenever you ever fall down in your life.

How To Keep Your Aim Alive Forever

Target high, you have to touch the sky.

Target high, you have to reach the highest summit.

Target high, you have to shine like the star.

A man is always judged by his ambition. A man who as high aim, he will always touch the summit of his success and always sees the beauty of his life. But man, with a low or small aim always sees the unpleasantness of his life and he will always get the tough hit of his failure. A man always becomes the way he aimed in his life. His ambition secured him to the path of success.

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A small story:

There were two close friends. The first friend has a high ambition. He always wanted to do something great in his life. He lived with his high ambition. On the other hand, the second friend has no ambition. He didn’t want to do anything in his life. He just wants to enjoy his life. So, he lived with fun and feast.

Both friends studied in the same school and in the same class. The first friend studied well and he completed his education with flying colors and become a great scientist. And the second friend didn’t study anything; he just enjoyed his life with fun and merrymaking and become a poor man.


 A man without aim is like a bird without wings.

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