Oct 14

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The Supremacy Of Perspective

Success can bring many things: power, privilege, fame, wealth.  But no matter what else it brings, with success come options.

How we use those options reveal our character?

the supremacy of perspective

At the heart of the matter is whether people desire to use their power to put others in their place or to put themselves in other’s place. The most important part of the problem is we do not look at ourselves and others in the same way. People naturally see themselves in the light of their intentions, but they measure others according to their actions or to put it the way poet henry words worth Long fellow said: “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done”.

We naturally try to see ourselves in the most positive light. And that’s okay as long as we’re being honest with ourselves. But we really ought to give others the same benefit of the doubt that we give ourselves.

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But how do you become better at making the exchange, at seeing things from another person’s perspective?

we can do so easily by following the principle Leave “your place” and visit “Their place”. Do whatever you can to change your perspective. Listen to people’s concern. Study their culture or profession. Read in their areas of interest or literally visit their place – their home, office, neighborhood, or region. You may be surprised by how it alters your thinking.

When we understand other fellow’s view point, understand what he is trying to do, nine times out of ten, he is trying to do it right. One must also acknowledge that other person has a valid viewpoint, as people’s belief systems and personal experiences are diverse and complex. When it comes to things from another’s point of view, attitude plays huge role. It is always easy to see both sides that you are not particularly concerned about. It becomes much harder when you have a vested interest in it. But it is easier if you change yourself and respect other’s point of view.

So the key to change your perspective is empathy. And when you have empathy with others’ points of view, it becomes much easier to connect with them. Why? Because they know that you care.  Sometimes the easiest way to do that is to simply ask. It changes the way you see life, and changes the way you live it.  

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