Do you believe luck is the only reason for success?

do you think luck is the only reason for success

Luck is vitally important but only luck is not enough for true success . Through luck one can get a chance but success?

Regarding this I would like to share a small story .

A man named Sanjay has a strong desire to act in movie, to get good name and fame and he want to become very famous. So he left his native place and travelled to city to find a chance to act in movie.

He was busy for many days in trying to get a chance in movie.

Likewise, one day he was getting ready to find a movie chance. So, Sanjay locked his house and started walking, on the way one person came and asked Sanjay shall I come with you. Sanjay asked who you are. That person replied “I am unlucky”. Sanjay replied no, no… I don’t want you please stay away from me.

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After stepping few steps another person came and asked Sanjay shall I come with you? He asked who you are. That person said “I am lucky”. Sanjay said oh! Nice to meet you please come with me. He took luck with him and continued walking.

After moving few steps one more person came and asked Sanjay shall I come with you? Sanjay said no I don’t need any one’s help because luck is there with me. He just said that and left the place.

Because of luck he got the chance to act in movie. Shooting started every day was going good for him. Shooting over his movie released in all the theatre, he was so exciting that movie is going to give a big hit and he was going to be famous everywhere, everyone is going to talk about him. Movie played in the theatre. He was waiting for the audience response but to his shock movie flapped damply.

He felt very sad and walking towards his house, on the way one person came and asked, do you remember me. Sanjay said no, I don’t know. I am third person who came and asked shall I come with you and you rejected me? Sanjay said Yes, I remember. That 3rd person said you rejected me that day that is why you met this failure today. Sanjay shocked and asked who you are. Third person said “I am talent”.

So, from this story what we realized. Luck is important to success but talent is more important to survive. Frank Sinatra said, “People often remark that I’m pretty lucky. Luck is only important in so far as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you’ve got to have talent and know how to use it.”

What’s your opinion?

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