May 14

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Apple – Natural Medicine

“Nothing can substitute nature”

Apple is a marvelous fruit. It is “king” of all fruits. Greek and Roman mythologies stated that, apples are symbols of love and beauty with an eclectic, perspective, perhaps.

I am very sure any person is healthy and hearty looks beautiful emit radiance and glow in happiness after all health is wealth.

Apples has full of nutrients that nourish your body and soul. In fruit shops you can see variety of apples such as green, yellow, red and pink.

Apple is a wonderful source of vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Iron, Potassium etc. They also have a very high mineral content, proteins and malic acid, Apple is good for treatment of anemia, dysentery, eye disorders, kidneys stones etc. It is also a superb source of essential fluids to the body.

This wonderful fruit contains a number of constituents that can lower blood cholesterol with a reduced risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke, Cancer, diabetes (type 2) and asthma.

As in vegetables, the color of the apple is symptomatic of its benefits.

  • Green apples are good for strong bones and teeth, acids in vision and have anti-cancer properties.
  • Yellow or golden apples are good for the heart, eyes and immune system, and also reduce risk of some cancers.
  • Red apples are good for heart and memory, lower risk of some cancers and help to maintain urinary tract health .

So don’t go for canned and processed juices. Always go only for fresh apples or juices.


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