The Sparkling Kid

Name: Read the story and find sparkling kid name
Born on: 11th December 1969
Place: Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Country: India

When he was just 6 years old his mother brought him a gift when she returned from the market. She called “come and see what I have got for you!” he just hassled to see the surprise gift. He tugged out a square box.

He cried “let me see it….” She laughed and slowly set box down on the table. He watched anxiously as she opened the box. He yelled “oh I know this! It is a chess board! He asked his mother to give the chess board because he wants to set board it seems.

She said, first have a look at the board and tell me how many squares are there on the board.

He too started counting 1,2,3,…thirty two each of black and white! There! Shall I also count the coins?”

“No baba they are not coins,” laughed his mother. They are chess men. “See there are two sets of them, one black and one white,” she explained. “These small men are alike1” exclaimed small boy.

His mother taught him to play chess, after learning chess he felt so excited. No game or toy ever excited him as much, he never played police thief or hide-and-seek game.

Sparkling kid mother never treated him like a kid, always giving him the importance of an equal. Nor she pretend to lose and make him feel happy having beaten her, an adult.

There was a chess club near the his house in Chennai (Madras). One day his mother took him there and introduced him to organizers. There he saw many table where men and women were playing chess. The little boy’s eyes shone. He would come there as often as he could! The next day chess club and asked “whom do I play against?” all the table was filled, at one table, at one table a gentle man asked “would you like to play against me?” He noddod his head eagerly. The two sat down playing. After a while gentlemen said “check!” The seven year old boy felt sad but smiled bravely, stood up and extended his hand to the older man and said gravely “Thank you, for playing with me sir. He then went to the next table to watch another couple playing.

He told his mother in disappointment that he had lost the game. His mother told him doesn’t worry baba. I am sure you will do better tomorrow didn’t you learn some new tricks today – about chess and the mistakes you made. We have to keep learning from our mistakes and improve. Don’t ever lose heart,” she said. He nodded his head happily.

His First Reward:

A visitor in a chess club asked secretary “Who is that little boy coming here every morning promptly at 9 A.M.?” secretary said he is very keen on chess game . So far he won only few games, but he is so dignified when he loses. It sometimes breaks my heart when he loses, but his spirit is amazing.

He included, The small boy improved a lot now he is playing quite good. All he needs is practice and perseverance. He is sure goes to top place one day” said another person who joined them.

That was how Sparkling kid won his first award, at the age of seven.

Later, he achieved many milestones and encountered many successes . He won Padma shri award (he is youngest person to be awarded padma shri), Arjuna Award, the first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan.

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