Great Success Is A Journey Of Countless Small Steps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.

You never reach anywhere the moment you start your journey. It takes some time to reach your destiny. But every small step you take will count in your journey. You never reach anywhere in one single jump. You have to walk step by step, slowly and slowly, continuously and tirelessly. Then only you will reach where you want to reach.

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Great Success Is A Journey Of Countless Small Steps

The journey of the river is always beginning with a source of small spring water under the earth. Then, it starts its flowing journey slowly and slowly, and continue through the ocean.

 For an instance, open a tap water in small drops in small drops and keep it falling into the empty bucket. After some time you can find an empty bucket full of water.

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What does it show? It shows that every drop of water counts.

Likewise, you have to let every small drop of your energy and power in a constructive manner. Then you can find your life full of happiness and prosperity.

In all businesses, every little gain or profit will count in the progress and growth of a business. None of the business will grow or progress overnight or day. It will take some months or years to reach a level of successful business.

Have you ever seen a small plant grown fully into a big tree overnight?

Small seeds turn into a seedling, seedling into a small plant in a week, small plant into a big tree after some months.

Likewise, you will also grow gradually, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. Then one day you will become a big tree.

In Olympics games, many world records have been broken by many sportsmen and sportswomen, but behind their records, there are many thousand countless numbers of their small steps.

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They faced many challenges and odds in their lives. They did hard work for many months forgetting and sacrificing every bit of their leisure and comforts, using each drop of their energy and power.

Your success always depends on your every small step that you take. But not the big steps you jump. Every small step is important for you because it is only the key to your great success and glory.

Remember the tortoise story – so never bother about the small steps. Just keep your small steps firmly, continuously and tirelessly. You will definitely reach your goal at the end.

Every small step you take today will lead you towards the ladder of your great success and glory.

Behind every big success, there are many thousand countless small steps of failures.

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