What Is Being Mentally Rich Means

Mind-set correction through interaction with experienced people in the community is an important exercise that one must indulge in. After all, allowing our mind to rule us. But those who are able to master their minds are the leaders who can inspire others.

How do you master yours? 

You may say through mediation. 

What is mediation? 

It is nothing but doing what you love to do, you are totally absorbed, totally at the moment. If you are doing what you wish to do rather than what you have opted to do for a certain reason, or what has been enforced upon you, you will have no problem mastering your mind. It’s mastering it in the latter two cases through will power that doesn’t work in the long run, which perhaps harms more than benefits.

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“I am physically, financially, emotionally and mentally rich.”

A small story to know it even better

Ok let’s see what is mentally rich means.

What Is Being Mentally Rich Means

Concurring to a well-known story, a student went to a martial art teacher to learn the system, and declared he was devoted and ready. ‘how long it would it take?’he asked. The teacher replied, ’10 years.’

The student, a bit impatient and not satisfied with the answer, said, what I want to master it faster than that; I will work very hard, practise as many hours a day as necessary. How long would it then take?’the teacher replied:’20 years.’

Look at this way. You are designed to be natural; by using your will power, you are countering the way nature has designed you. Will power should be utilized only in tough circumstances.  It’s the most potent weapon, like the missiles in a war. You cannot keep at it every day; you will burn out. So mastering the mind comes from always being in a situation where you want to be.

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When you involved in things you desire to do and places where you want to be, it calms your mind and keeps you at ease. It is your life, so you decide how you want to govern it.

To master your mind, you have to be just around yourself all the time.

The winner in life is the one who fights hard and conquers himself. Now that’s the mount Everest we should strive to conquer.


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