How To Use Mind Mapping To Unlock Your Brain Potential And Creativity

“Mind maps are the meta language of the human race.”

What is a mind mapping? 

Mind mapping are diagrams used to visually organize information. Normally a mind map is created around a single concept drawn as an image in the centre of a blank page, then associated representations of ideas are added around it. Major ideas branch out from the central concept, and other ideas from major ideas. They are also like roots or branches coming from the main trunk. Even though the basic concept of a mind map has been in existence for a long time, the idea was firmly brought into the world of learning in the seventies by the book called Use Your Head By Tony Buzan.

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How To Use Mind Mapping To Unlock Your Brain Potential And Creativity

How to do mind maps?

According to Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Gohdke, in their book READY, STUDY, GO : Smart Ways To Learn, there are six C’s involved in mind maps – Central idea, Consciousness, Craziness, Curves, Colours and Cartoons. Let’s say that the central idea is ‘writing skills’. Then one could branch out from that central idea to cover spelling, grammar, expression or content. Each of this concisely describe notes could be further branched out. For example, grammar could be branched out into verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns and so on.

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How It Works?

Our brains like visual images. The lefts half of the brain thinks linearly, following direct linkages to related ideas. On the other hand, the right half of the brain likes to see the whole picture, preferably with colours and flow. A mind mapping bridges that gap between both sides of the brain and is thus an excellent way of storing and memorizing information.

The authors suggest that one should use curves for the branches because our brain nerves curves. They also suggest that we should be playfully crazy in drawing such mind maps, because slightly crazy elements make the map easier to recall. Colours help categorize the information and make it easier to remember. The authors also suggest making crazy doodles on the paper so as to make the map more distinctive.

Given below is an example of a mind map that explores the subject of tennis. Notice the curved connectors, the crazy fonts and the imagery. It is all of these elements that make the mind mapping memorable, thus enhancing our ability to recall the individual elements.

Now there are mind mapping apps and Mind mapping software are available to make your work easy. Enjoy mind mapping and comment your experience in mind mapping techniques.

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