Three Feet From Gold Lesson Made Him Rich In Insurance Business

Three Feet From Gold Lesson Made Him Rich In Insurance Business

A Real story of three feet from gold

Darby’s uncle caught by the gold fever in the gold haste times, so he travelled to west to dig for gold and grow rich.  He risked his claim and started digging.  After few days of hard work Darby found a shining ore. Silently he covered up the mine and returned to home and informed his relatives about his discovery and gathered money for the machinery to bring the ore to surface of the earth.
With the raised money, uncle and Darby travelled back to the mine ore to make their fortune.

Started digging for Gold

They started their work, and it was going well and uncle found a vein of ore they sent it to smelter the return showed they had one of the richest mine in Colorado and they thought a few more gold will clear their debts and rest will be the profit. But the supply of gold was stopped.

Gave up from three feet to gold

They started drilling further deep for gold. Something happen, the trace of gold had disappeared. Up went the hopes of Darby and uncle. They drilled on greatly to pick up the trace of gold – all to no benefit. After that they quit in frustration and sold machinery to junk man for few hundred dollars and went back to home.

A junk man called mining engineer who tested the mine and intended and said that there was trace of gold just three feet from where uncle and Darby had stopped.

Got Gold just in three feet

The junk man went to make millions from the mine because he discerned to pursue expert counsel before giving up.

Darby paid back money to relatives, who lent him money and was determined to learn lesson from his mistake in giving up soon. Darby was recovered his loss.

He went on to become a remarkable successful insurance salesman. When Darby asked people to take insurance, they simply said ‘no’ to him. But he doesn’t want to give up this time he was saying himself “I stopped just three feet from the gold”. Later Darby succeeded and become one of the small groups of men who sell over a million dollars in life insurance annually.


Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with abundant provisional defeat and some failures. When defeat over takes a person, the easiest and logical thing to do is to quit. This is what majority of people do.

Whenever you sense like giving up on your dream, remember that you may be just three feet from gold! So never give up .


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