Strength of Character – How To Strengthen Your Character

“Neither money pays, nor name, nor learning; it is CHARACTER that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficult”.Swami Vivekananda

There is a famous proverb, “If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost everything is lost”.

How to strengthen your characterBut nowadays what we people see in society is somewhat different. Money is performing very leading role in the current society. People in society are ready to do anything for currency, they can go to any level, and they are at least concerned about the

means. They are tiring in gathering wealth even at the cost of others. Their hearts are numb. They are just breathing bodies. They forget to show affection or empathy for other human beings. Adulteration, theft, cheating, scams, scandals, bribery, robbery, dowry harassment, corruption are wild everywhere. Astonishingly, it is prolonged by the so called cultured people.

In the current education system, only the intelligence is being developed but no scope for development for heart. It is just making the people more egocentric and avaricious. Swami Vivekananda perceived this he said, “Bring light to the ignorant, and extra light to educated, for the prides of the learning of our time are marvellous.

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In the current education system, only the intellect is being developed but there is no scope for development for heart. It is only making people more and more selfish and greedy. Swami Vivekananda observed this when he said, “Bring light to the ignorant, and extra light to educated, for the vanities of the education of our time are tremendous.

In the core of turmoil and misperception, here and there we come across a few abundant characters that who left their marks over and done with their magnificent contribution. Among such we have a most renowned personality, Sir Mokshakundam Vishveswaraiah, a wonderful engineer created by India in the last century. He is best example to youths. He lived for 102 years and was full of energy, zeal and enthusiasm, almost till the end of his life. His sincerity, dedication, hard work, integration, skills, spirit of service, honesty, and patriotism above all is undeterred courage and methodical life made him a unique personality. He was awarded the highest civilian award, ‘Bharat Ratna’, for his great impact to our motherland.

His biographer writes, “His life was an untarnished pure life No fault could be traced in his long career. When on duty he would use Government vehicle, or else his own car. He never used Government paper and stationary for personal and non-official mail. When in qualm, whether it was Government paper or not, he would test in bright light to spot the embossed mark, ‘Government Stationary’. When he was asked about the eradication of poverty, he said, ‘poverty is not natural. It is unnatural. It is treatable like any disease. Ignorance, inefficiency, dependence, laziness; lack of the spirit of enterprise are actual reasons of poverty.”

 Gandhiji’s motto was ‘Industrialise and perish’, whereas Sir Vishveshwaraiah’s motto was ‘Industrialise or perish.’ Both were correct: one was highlighting human values, the other material prosperity.

S.Vivekananda, Sir Jamshedji and Mysore Maharaja.

Swami Vivekananda came to match these dual apparently contrary views. Swami fortified Sir Jamshedji Tata to start heavy industries in India, and Swami requested Mysore Maharaj to help Sir Jamshedji and sir helped by providing land infrastructure for the same. Swamiji desired India to be boundless in each field, but not at the cost of long-cherished values and culture. Swami was assured that unless we chain both there cannot be actual growth. The education which offers us both these features was actual education, according to him. He said, ‘What we want are western science combined with Brahmacharaya, Vedanta as the guiding maxim, and also shraddha and trust in one’s own self.”

Inappropriately, after independence, we are typically focusing on one feature, that is, western science; further one fully ignored. In the name of secularism, we have wisely shunned long-cherished values which our descendants lived for and practised. Owing to deficiency of character energy, we have changed human beings into machines. Every single year we are developing thousands of doctors, lawyers, Managers, engineers, Administrators but not actual human beings. Human values such as love, happiness, truthfulness, peace, compassion, honesty, sincerity, non-violence, contentment, patriotism, courage, self-restraint, fearlessness, confidence, are replaced by hatred, deceit, cruelty, greed, lust, dishonesty, anger, cowardice, fear, selfishness, self-indulgence, violence, etc., Which has generated a void in the hearts of people. We have never seen such degradation of human values in the history of India.

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