Did you know that an eagle recognizes while a storm is upcoming long afore it breaks?

So, the eagle will fly to certain high spot and stay for the storms to arise. 

When the storm knocks, it suites its wings so that the storm will pick it upbeat and raise it over the storm. Whereas the tornado rages below, the eagle is climbing above it. 

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The eagle does not escape the tornado. It purely usages the storm to boost higher. It upsurges on the winds that produce the storm.

When the tornados of life arise upon us, just like an eagle, we can upsurge overhead them and drive the winds of the storm that get tragedy, sickness, disappointment and failure into our lives.

What is your ultimate challenge right now? Just Jot it down. And then let it lift you higher.

No hurdles eternally halt winners to move ahead. They are enthusiasts of hurdles. They envision their magnificent success and victory in every problem. Then they certainly not try to run away from the challenges of obstructions. But they cuddle every hindrance like their dear friend. They outlook new door of credit in all heading blockages.

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