How to Build Self Confidence

There can be no failure to a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self respect, or his self-confidence . He is still a King. – Orison Swett Marden

Emerson Said about self confidence that, “They conquer who believe they can” and he included “Do the things you fear again and again. Practice the faith and confidence; this will kill your fears and insecurities. And it will have no power on you”.

Build your self confidence

Building Self-confidence

Self-Confidence is a device you can use it in your daily life it helps to manage your fear and helps to ride out all the negative thoughts. But few people forget to realize it. Self-confident is an attitude that allows you to have positive and realistic view of yourselves and your situations. People must try to realize that self-confidence will work like a power – it just rises in response to the level of performance needed for it.

Self-confidence, the key to success is a trust of faith in your own self. That is being certain that what you are doing is perfectly correct. Here are few tips to help you increase your self –confidence.

 “If you try to do a work which is possible, that is your skill. If you try to do the work which is impossible that is called confidence”.

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Be up-to-date

Always have good amounts of information on the topics of general and current interest. If at a gathering, the conversation turns to any of the current topics, you should be able to discuss it intelligently. And even if you have no information on it, you can still participate passively by listening to the conversation.

Believe in yourself

Whenever you speak something, do it with self-confidence. If you don’t believe that what you say is interesting, how will the find it interesting? Speak slowly and in well-modulated tone so that the listener can understand you clearly. Always keep a good posture. A relaxed erect posture leads you to give clear and well thought out responses in a discussion.

Look Smart

Make sure that you are well dressed because first impression is the best impression and people assess you first from your appearance.

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Make some auto suggestions

Even when you are not confident or sure of yourself think that you are very confident. For an instance, if you are to introducing a speaker for the first time in your life and you’re feeling nervous of public speaking, believe that you will do it in a perfect way. And another example, a child gets the 1st rank in class, and the other child gets 10th rank. Then the parents scold the child and tell him, “you are a useless boy, you don’t have a brain that is why you cannot come first”. When the child hears this again and again, gradually he starts believing them. As a result he suffers from inferiority complex that may lead to self-defeat.

Implementing these suggestions will be of great help. Apart from this, you can also give yourself an auto suggestion like: ‘I have full self-confidence and I will introduce the speaker in the best possible way”.

Think of you past success

Try and remember your achievements as frequently as you can. As for example, how you did well in your examinations or how you managed a very critical situation with great ease.

Be Optimistic

Whenever a negative thought arises cancel it with a positive thought . As for example, if you think, you will not be able to give a speech properly, immediately cancel it with positive thought, by thinking that you will be able to give the speech in the best possible way.

Do Some Day Dreaming

Create some mental picture of yourself as a very successful person. Gradually from your conscious mind it will sweep in to your subconscious mind and before you release it, you wil be a totally a different person.

Create your own style

Don’t copy anybody. By coping a person you will get a feeling that the person whom you copy is superior and as a result you will suffer from inferiority complex.

Find out the origin

Get a competent counselor to help you understand why you do what you do. Learn the origin of your inferiority complex and self-doubt feelings and overcome these setbacks.



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