Timely Treatment: Importance Of Time In Life For Children

Importance of time for children“Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin will be spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.” ― Quote by Carl Sandburg

Importance of timely treatment

There is cow’s milk. It is possible to get butter out of it. The most favorable time for churning is just before dawn. Only then is the best result obtained.

There is similar between this

and man’s preparing for life. It is open to man to reform or transform himself at any period of his life. But if the effort is made during boyhood wholesome results arise.

If the little ones are put under a sound system of training they bound to develop noble features alone. Boyhood is the most opportune time for this. But the boyhood is not everlasting. A boy is making a pilgrimage towards adolescence.

Opportunities in Boyhood

Opportunities in boyhood are innumerable for casting oneself into any worthy mould. None can afford to let go this opportunity. It is because of this that the early years of life are wholly dedicated to learning. This is just the time when the best in mind be drawn out.

The very object of education is the refinement of the true basis of education. Such a basis lies in rightly culturing the mind. Boyhood provides all the opportunities for this.

There is another advantage pertaining to boyhood. An illustration will make this clear. Clay is a stuff out of which varieties of useful things can be fashioned. It all depends on the way in which clays is treated. This treatment of the basic substance precedes the fashioning of the forms.

The process of the treating the clay varies with the type of the object to be made. Bricks made of ill prepared clay prove in cohesive and worthless in construction. But bricks made of soundly treated clay hard as granite and make excellent building material. If even a trifling-stuff like inert clay thus end’s itself to be manipulated into verities of patterns solely on the strength of the curing applied to it, The possibilities in respect of human being are innumerable.

Right handling of Boyhood

Through sheer training it is possible rear youths into ideal warriors, efficient states men, model citizen of venerable saints. The right handling of boyhood is therefore the greatest among man’s endeavors. Through it higher order of life can be invoked in to what would otherwise be a vegetating existence. Boyhood is the opportune hour for this mighty operation. And it should not be allowed to slip unveiled of.


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