May 31

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NASA’s Space Drink Can Reduce Wrinkles and UV Spots

NASA developed a space drink to protect astronauts from radiation. It also reduces wrinkles says researchers.

Utah University team has found in research that the concoction which is known as AS10, theatrically lessens wrinkles, blemishes and sun damage after 4 months.

But, actually AS10 was developed as a nutritional supplement for astronauts to protect them from the damaging effects of high levels of radiation outside the earth.

The researchers took vision photographs of 180 participants. It tells the condition of the skin below the surface by using different types of light exposure.

They started their trial by giving AS10 drink to the participants 2 times a day. After 4 months again they took photos.

‘Daily Mail’ reports that, by the end of the trial wrinkles were reduced by 17 percentage and UV spots by 30%.

The drink has a mixture of fruits including cupuacu, acai, acerola, yumberry, prickly pear, and some more ingredients called pomegranate, grape, green tea, and vegetables, All these provide vitamins and phytochemicals – compounds It will block the harmful effects of radiation. “The skin is the first body tissue to be open to UV rays and we know that skin is very sensitive to oxidative stress. Our study shows it greatly benefits from a reduction in this stress. The effects of oxidative stress on the skin can be rapidly adapted and the skin can heal itself by drinking AS10.” Dr Barson said.

The drink has more quantities of antioxidants ward off oxidative stress, permitting the skin to heal naturally. So AS 10 is supposed to improve the skin condition. Antioxidants will attach themselves to ROS and neutralize them before they cause damage.


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