Everything has been thought of before, but the problem is to think of it again. – Goethe

The powerful ideas have all been thought of already: love, faith, surrender, generosity. That doesn’t mean, however, that everyone who knows about them acts upon them. Fear, greed, and anger have all been thought of as well. The point is, we have a choice. We can choose to act out of old patterns, or we can make fresh choices that seem more likely to bring about success . Certainly our parents must have resolved not to make the same mistakes their parents made, just as we have promised not to pass on what we think were their mistakes – and our children oath to correct the mistakes they think we have made. In every generation, each one of us has the power to do so.

Nothing is new under the sun. Yet in our lives each day is new, precious, and unique. We won’t do anything that has not been done before, many times; but it will be new for us. If we can approach our lives with reverence and freshness, we’ll have solved the problem. Each one of us must have it in mind:  Each day is a new beginning, and I can choose what I will do with it.

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Infants who are loved with an unconditional love that nourishes their bodies and spirits learn to love and accept themselves. As they grow older, they are able to love others, courageously and wholeheartedly. Only those who feel securely cared for are capable of selfless devotion and courage. The world needs people who are able to struggle for justice, to wage peace. The place where we can influence world affairs is in our own families, where the people who will make tomorrow’s decisions are raised.

We hope to have children who will make brave and compassionate choices in their lives, and we prepare them best by showing them our courage and compassion. Love is the most powerful force for change, for it is the creative power of the universe.

Let us not pass on to our children anything negative and live blessed each day.

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