Jul 07

40 Tips From ISHA YOGA For Better Life

Tips for happiest life

Yoga in daily life is very improtant, as it helps to develop our physical, mental, social and spiritual health. If the body is physically fit, then the mind focused, clear and stress will be under control. Important advice on Yoga: Walk Every Day at least for 10-30 Minutes’ . And While Walking keep Smile on …

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Jul 03

Parenting – 27 Best Ways To Know Your Kids in a Better Way

parenting - know your kids in better way

Parenting is an art not a job or duty. Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience. Jim DeMint says, “One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.” 

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May 19

Two Important Levels To Optimize Your Life

Castoff dependency on outside help and keep yourself prepared to take up any task, drive yourself to higher limits for feeling the thrill of being able to achieve it. “Don’t settle for anything less. Rise up and optimize your talents through strategic thinking and big dream. Your God should be your guide in all things.” …

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Apr 28

How To Get Good Luck? 3 Things You Need To Follow

Everybody likes to be a luckiest person but, how to be lucky? You might have noticed that some person appear to be luckier than others? It’s because they got good breaks. They are at right place at the right time. Would you like to be like them? These people also have something in common. These …

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Status update

Business success – Everyone dreams to be a great entrepreneur, working for their own rapports. We all know how great people have failed in their time before achieving their goals, the expedition to entrepreneurship can be challenging and troublesome, and also it happens committing many mistakes along the way.

The healthier way to improve the odds of success is to move progressively and prudently. By doing so, you can seam businesses that succeed.

What is vital for entrepreneurs to achieve success? (more…)

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Apr 13

Importance Of Tracking Your Progress In Goal Setting

monitor your progress in goal

“You cannot change what you do not manage; you cannot manage what you do not track.” HOW AS YOUR YEAR BEEN? It is very important to review your goal progress often to confirm that you are actually progressing are just going around. Some people do self-review every month and some people do three month once.

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Apr 08

Achieving Success through Meditation & Higher Realization

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look in to your own heart. who look outside, dreams; who look inside, awakes” – Quotes Deepak Chopra’s step by step advice for growing or novel entrepreneurs who are set to start taking action for more improved and balanced life to handle each and every day …

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