Apr 07

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Plan Better And Achieve More

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

‘Plan better and achieve more’ is the cry that we hear these days from all professors of management and administration, theories which have now assumed the status of a science?

Plan better to achieve your goal

But even after planning well many of us find, we fail to achieve success . Are planned can deliver its promised blessings only when the plan is executed with promptitude.

*Be Prompt*:

‘Be prompt’ is the certain and only way to success. This does not mean we should be reckless or thoughtless to act promptly mans to work with regularity, poise on system. All of us have a daily routine work which must be disposed of promptly-meaning we accomplish it briskly. Let us not linger upon their repeated details for they are the daily recurrence in our life, week after week month after month. Only let us be prompt. Let us brisk.

Be brisk:

But, while briskly going though theses routine daily functions of life, let their no be haste. Famous and wise is the saying, ‘haste makes waste’.to the extent that we realize how few are the days hours which we may command work and how immense are the possibilities of life’s achievements, we are driven to be prompt. When we frankly recognize the fleeting nature of time itself, if we are really men of vision and ambition, it must become urgent and compulsory that we must plan carefully, act diligently, execute promptly –all with brisk efficiency, without any ruinous faced. Active upon the exited impulse of the moment with haste and its imperative consequences the carelessness of execution and the thoughtlessness of finish causes the full quota of mistakes and our ultimate disappointed in life.

No doubt in our busy world of quick transport and fast communication we, very often, are pressed from all sides to increase our ordinary place, that even on such demanding occasion let us be sure that we keep our unfailing serenity and faithful self-possession . This becomes possible only if we maintain in our mind a constant awareness of his presence and a continues sense of dedication unto him.

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