How to Set Goals?

Goal setting is a great practice for your ultimate future. The process of setting goals helps you choose what to do next and where you want to go in life. Popular business people, top athletes and great achievers in every fields all set goals.

Things to listen before setting goal:

Goal setting give you short term motivation and long term vision. It emphases your gaining of knowledge, and helps you to organize your time and capitals. As a result of setting sharp and clearly definite goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals

How to set goal

Goals must be smart:

S – Specific.
M – Must be measurable.
A – Must be Achievable.
R – Realistic.
T – Time bound.


Short-term – up to one year.
Mid-term – up to 3 years.
Long-term – up to 5 years.

Goals can be longer than five years but then they become a purpose of life. And having a purpose is very important because without one, it is possible to develop tunnel vision, where we are only obsessed with achieving our goals. goals are more easily achieved if they are broken into small ones.

Life is hard by the yard,
but by the inch,
it’s a cinch. – Gean Gordon

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Scrutinize your goals:

A person who aims at nothing never misses. Aiming at low is the biggest mistake. Winners see objectives, losers see obstacles.

Our goal should be high enough to motivate yet realistic enough to avoid discouragement. Anything we do, either takes us closer to our goal or further away.

Each goal must be evaluated in light of the following.

  1. Is it truth?
  2. Will it get me goodwill?
  3. Is it fair to all concerned?
  4. Is it consistent with my other goals?
  5. Will it get me health, wealth, and peace of mind/
  6. Can I commit myself to it?

Goal should be consistent with our values:

Goals lead to purpose in life. It is the starting point from success. Aim for the moon. even if you miss, You will become one of the stars.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes of your goal.- Henry ford.

All of us in this world have a purpose in life. And that purpose may vary from person to person. An orchestra would be pretty dull if everyone played the same instrument.

Make no plans, they have no magic to stir men’s blood..

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Make big plans, aim high in hope and work. – Daniel H. Burn ham.

It doesn’t matter what we are. What really matters is in what direction we are heading.

Effort and courage without purpose is wasted. Worry leads to negative goal-setting. It is thinking about things you don’t want to happen.

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